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  • Tim Hesseltine
    (518) 891-1212 Ext 104

    As Co-President of Upstate Auto, Tim has over 38 years of experience in the auto industry. He has attained numerous awards and certifications throughout his career. One of the most prominent being that he is an FCA certified Sales Manager. Tim is an active member of the community and helps to promote growth in Saranac Lake. During his free time, Tim enjoys various activities ranging from gardening, cycling, skiing, and woodworking. However, one of Tim's favorite pass times is spending time with his three kids and wife. When dealing with Tim, you are ensured excellent service and a friendly shopping experience.

  • Tom Hesseltine
    (518) 891-1212 Ext 101

    As Co-President of Upstate Auto, Tom has plenty of experience to help any customer through any imaginable situation. Tom has been working in the industry for over 29 years and enjoys every minute of it. Throughout his career, Tom has received several awards. The most prominent being that he has attained the title of FCA master certified sales consultant. Tom enjoys helping the community by donating to various organizations and through participation in various events. In his free time, Tom enjoys playing guitar, both mountain and road biking, both nordic and alpine skiing, as well as running. However, Tom's favorite activity is spending time with his three sons and wife. If you are looking for an enjoyable and low pressure sales experience, stop by and meet Tom. 

  • Aaron Hesseltine
    Sales Consultant
    (518) 891-1212 Ext 103

    Aaron is one of the newest members of the Upstate Auto team. Aaron is gaining experience here at Upstate Auto while also working towards attaining his business and marketing degree at SUNY Plattsburgh. During school breaks, you can find Aaron working at the dealership. Aaron is also working towards becoming an FCA certified sales consultant. During his free time, Aaron enjoys hiking, biking, running, playing guitar, and spending time with friends and family.

  • Beth Hesseltine
    Office Manager
    (518) 891-1212 Ext 100

    Beth is an important asset to ensure that all expenses at Upstate Auto are accounted for and taken care of. Beth is trusted with all our financial records and is our primary accountant and bookkeeper. In her free time, Beth is quite the outdoor enthusiast. Beth enjoys activities such as biking, canoeing, and snowshoeing. However, hiking is her true passion. Beth is both a summer and winter 46er, has hiked the basecamp of Everest, Kalapathar Mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, and most recently Machu Picchu. If she isn't in at Upstate Auto, you can expect to find her out in the mountains.

  • Kathy Amell
    Title Clerk
    (518) 891-1212 Ext 102

    Kathy is an important asset here at Upstate Auto. Kathy is responsible for dealing with insurance companies, the DMV, and various banks. Kathy has 14 years of experience as a title clerk and has been a part of the Upstate Auto team for the past 4 years. In her free time, Kathy enjoys gardening, boating, and snowmobiling. Above all, Kathy loves spending time with her family.

  • Darryl McDonough
    Service Manager/Parts Counterperson/Warranty Administrator
    (518) 891-1212 Ext 106

    Darryl is one of our most veteran members of the Upstate Auto team. Darryl has a total of 29 years experience in the industry. For 27 of those years, Darryl has called Upstate Auto home. During those years, he has ensured that customers receive a friendly and pleasant service experience. Throughout his career, Darryl has earned numerous certifications. Some of these include: ASE certified service consultant, ASE certified parts specialist, and FCA certified specialist. Darryl enjoys playing the drums, boating, and biking. Above all, Darryl loves spending time with his family. 

  • Tina Hough
    Service Advisor
    (518) 891-1212 Ext 105

    When customers first approach the service counter, they will most likely be greeted by Tina. Tina is one of the friendliest people you will meet. When a new customer comes in, Tina doesn't just see a customer, she sees a new friend and treats everyone as one. Tina has 16 years of experience in the automotive field and has gained that experience right here at Upstate Auto. She is very knowledgeable and is an FCA certified service advisor. During her free time, Tina loves spending time with her family and her dogs.

  • Kiley Wilber
    Service Advisor
    (518) 891-1212 Ext 111

    Kiley is another valued member of our service team. Kiley has 4 years of experience in both the industry and with us. Kiley is extremely sweet and nice to all. Kiley makes it her mission to ensure that everyone leaves happy. During her free time, Kiley enjoys baking and spending time with her family.

  • Mike Pickard
    Parts Manager
    (518) 891-1212 Ext 107 & 108

    Mike has an integral function here at Upstate Auto, without him, much of our shop work wouldn't be accomplished. Mike is in charge of finding and ordering parts for our mechanics and customers. Mike has to be able to find very specific parts and make sure they will be received in a short period of time. Mike has a total 19 years of experience in the industry and has spent 8 years here at Upstate Auto. When Mike isn't working hard in our parts department, he enjoys fishing, basketball, grilling some of the best barbeque around, and spending time with his family. 

  • Wendall Bickford
    Master Technician

    Wendall is one of the best technicians you can find. Wendall has been in the industry for over 43 years. Of those 43 years, Wendall has worked here at Upstate Auto for 11 years. Wendall has the ability to fix just about anything you can think of, from automobiles to pinball machines. Throughout his career, Wendall has earned numerous certifications including: ASE Automotive Service Excellence, FCA Master Technician, Mopar Tech Awards, and he is NY state inspection certified. In his free time, Wendall enjoys target practice with his various firearms, motorcycles, and spending time with his family. 

  • Scott Wood

    Scott is one of our most devoted and dedicated technicians here at Upstate Auto. Scott is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. When a last minute Friday sale roles around and we need a technician to stay late and get the vehicle road ready, Scott is our go to man. Scott has over 30 years of experience and has been a part of the Upstate Auto team for 17 years. Scott is certified to do NY state inspections and is an FCA certified technician specializing in electrical systems and diagnostics. During his free time, Scott enjoys listening to the best of classic rock, boating, and spending time with his family.

  • George Young
    Master Technician

    George is an incredible mechanic who has enough experience and expertise to fix every problem imaginable. George has over 40 years experience in the industry and been at Upstate Auto for over 8 years. Throughout his career, George has received several awards and certifications. Some of the most prevalent certifications include his FCA Master Technician certification for over 19 years, ASE Master Technician certification, and he is NY state inspection certified. During his free time, George enjoys many outdoor activities such as mountain biking, paddling, and nordic skiing. Above all, George enjoys spending time with family.

  • Rob Lewis

    Rob is a great technician who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Rob jumps right into any job no matter how difficult the job may be. From serious engine repair, to replacing bumpers and fascia's, to routine maintenance, Rob gives it his all. Rob has over 20 years of experience and has been working at Upstate Auto for over 5 years. Rob is NY state inspection certified and has several FCA Certifications. During his free time, Rob enjoys playing with his Pit Bull, fishing, riding ATVs, and just being outdoors.  Above all Rob enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Steve Skelling

    Steve is one of the most talented technicians around. Steve has over 30 years of experience and has been with us for 11 years. For many years, Steve gained much knowledge and experience from owning his own auto repair center. Steve has the ability to repair almost every issue imaginable. He is NY state inspection certified and working towards his FCA masters certification. During his free time, Steve enjoys camping, fishing, boating, and biking. He also has quite the sense of humor as he claims to have won many championships in competitive quilting.

  • Brandyn Strack

    Brandyn is young a mechanic who joined the Upstate Auto team 2 years ago and has 3 years of experience.  Brandyn is a fast learner and is getting more knowledgeable with everyday. Currently Brandyn is proficient in alignments, suspension, brakes, routine maintenance, and much more. He has attained several FCA certifications and will continue to work toward Master Certification. He is a dedicated, hard worker. During his free time, Brandyn enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as fishing, riding ATVs, and camping. 

  • Mike Charland
    Lot Manager

    Mike is one of the hardest workers here at Upstate Auto. No matter what job is assigned to him, he gives it his all. Whether it's detailing cars, touching up scratches, brushing off cars in the winter, or general maintenance around the lot,  Mike gets it done!  Mike takes pride in making sure our inventory is clean and orderly. He is a real asset to our team. During his free time, Mike enjoys riding motorcycles, camping, spending time with his family, and talking baseball. More specifically, Mike loves the Yankees and will let anyone know it.

  • Randy Charland

    Randy is one of our youngest employees with a work ethic that is almost unmatched. No matter what job you give Randy he will give it his all. He helps keep our pre owned vehicles looking like new! During his free time Randy enjoys gaming, going for rides on his motorcycle, and spending time with his family.



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