Tips on Changing a Flat Tire

First, find a spot to change the tire that’s relatively free of road debris and away from the flow of traffic, and raise the vehicle a few inches off the ground using the jack that’s stored in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle.

Loosen the lug nuts of the spare tire using a lug wrench. If they are hard to loosen, lower the vehicle back onto the ground to start the loosening process. Raise the vehicle again, replace the flat tire with the full-size or an emergency spare that’s been stowed in your vehicle, return and tighten the lug nuts and lower the vehicle back onto the ground.

Even after you’ve successfully replaced a flat tire, it’s important to follow up with a service and repair professional. Contact the team at Upstate Auto Service & Body Works Incorporated in Saranac Lake, NY to schedule an appointment for a flat-tire follow-up or any other automotive service today.

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