Maintain Your View

When you're loading items into your SUV, you need to make sure you still have a clear line of sight while you're driving. Sit in the vehicle after items are loaded to ensure that you can see the rear of your vehicle and the sides, adjusting your mirrors if needed.

Try not to put items on top of your SUV as they could hang off the front, back, or sides. This can prevent you from being able to see well on the road, and it could pose a danger to other drivers in Saranac Lake, NY as well.

As you load cargo in your SUV, make sure you can still reach the important items that you might need while you're driving or if you have an emergency. These items include your jumper cables, maps, and an emergency kit if you have one. Upstate Auto Service & Body Works Incorporated can assist with organizing items so that they can be reached from all areas.

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