The Ram ProMaster City's Interior Helps You With Your Work

Those who operate small businesses often need a vehicle for deliveries or for taking tools and equipment to the job site. The Ram ProMaster City, available at Upstate Auto Service & Body Works in Saranac Lake, NY, is just the right vehicle for these purposes. The interior of the ProMaster City is designed to help the working professional.

The interior of the Ram ProMaster City is set up for the comfort and convenience of the driver. The windshield is large to provide a good view. The steering wheel has both tilt and telescopic adjustment. The interior controls are designed for easy use for those wearing work gloves.

The Ram ProMaster City has best-in-class interior room. The total storage area is 131.7 cubic feet. This provides a lot of room for equipment. The interior width is 48.4 inches so that you have enough room to place full pallets of material in the Ram ProMaster City with some room to spare.

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