For a vehicle as off-road-ready as the Jeep Cherokee, you can expect it to provide or offer a wide range of safety features. That way, you will always feel secure making your way through the roughest trails or treacherous wildernesses. Two of the available safety features are called adaptive cruise control and stop-and-go technology, and they form the available SafetyTec Group package.

With adaptive cruise control, also known as ACC, your Jeep Cherokee uses sensors to detect objects in your path or a vehicle straight ahead. If the lane ahead is clear, the set speed is maintained. On the other hand, if there’s something in your path or a slower vehicle ahead, ACC automatically adjusts your Cherokee to a pre-selected distance using throttle control and limited braking.

Working with ACC is stop-and-go, which brings your Jeep Cherokee to a full stop if necessary. If you press the resume button or tap the accelerator pedal, you resume driving—and feel relieved that you avoided a potential accident.

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