Powertrain Options for the Ram 3500

For a heavy-duty pickup truck that gives you a smooth ride on the highway, plenty of luxury in the cabin and doesn't shirk from hauling a heavy load, consider the Ram 3500. This popular model has the technology and comfort you're looking for added to the work capacity you need.

Pull a trailer loaded with cargo for work or ensure a weekend of fun by bringing a boat or ATVs. The Ram 3500 can haul up to 31,000 pounds on a trailer. If you've got plans for pulling a fifth-wheel trailer, upgrade the 3500's towing system with a dedicated towing hitch, connecting rear axle crossmember, a seven-pin electrical connector, and other necessary items.

A wear-reducing clutch works in tandem with the manual transmission for added durability. Drivers who prefer an automatic transmission will enjoy computer-driven optimization when moving between gears. The engine comes in either gas or diesel-powered options and commands up to 385 horsepower and up to 930 pound-feet of torque.

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